AWC Services

Strategic Communications

A strong strategic communications plan is the foundation of effective advocacy.

There are many definitions of “strategic communications” today, but the best is the most obvious: defining a communications strategy geared to the long-term benefit of your business or organization. Apparent Wind Consulting works with clients to help prepare and implement a strategic communications plan seeking the most effective venues, including novel venues, for your efforts.

Policy Analysis

In addition to policy communications efforts, AWC can prepare impartial policy analysis papers both explaining potential regulatory or legislative actions and offering a candid assessment of the likelihood of action and suggested options for advocacy. Clients often find this useful in deciding whether to undertake formal, advocacy-based policy communications efforts.

Policy Communications

Businesses and other organizations face special challenges when they must communicate effectively their positions on complex public policy issues. Apparent Wind Consulting brings a deep understanding of the legislative and regulatory process and procedures to your efforts along with substantive experience in several major areas of policy focus, including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, international trade, and international development. Where appropriate, AWC works with attorneys and economists to advance policy communications plans. Policy communications work may include the preparation of responses to regulatory inquiries such as Federal Register notices as well as traditional forms of public communication and the development of a policy communications plan.


Research takes many forms, and AWC’s clients have different research needs, ranging from researching the foundations of a book to the history of a regulation or fact-checking an article. In today’s Internet-driven communications marketplace, research tools abound, but knowing how to use them and to make judgments in conducting the research has never been more important. AWC undertakes a variety of research projects, from the very short-term to longer-term research and monitoring assignments.

Writing & Editing

Writing is the heart of AWC’s work. Whether it is preparing a strategic communications plan, a policy analysis, a speech or opinion piece, or another document, clear and persuasive writing is a critical part of the service provided to clients.
AWC’s writing tasks include the full gamut of written products, including book projects, longer articles, academic articles, research papers, speeches, opinion pieces, third-party work, and blog posts. Often a variety of these products, designed to work together, forms the heart of a strategic communications plan.
Ernest Hemingway famously noted that the most important part of rewriting was “getting the words right.” Sometimes an editor can help. AWC has completed a number of projects, from opeds to books, involving the editing and rewriting of text designed to make it suitable for publication.